Minds, Thoughts and Feelings

I started to have OCD and pure “O” when I was a young child and neutralise with people in different genders and different races and ages when I was older.

We didn’t know that it was OCD until after I started to get tormented by my thought for thinking too much about women’s feet and children’s feet and it was blocking my mind at the last.

So why?

Because, first of all, I looked at them as if they were not right and they looked nice wearing shoes as if those were their parts by the way they looked.

But it wasn’t OCD and I was sometimes interested about some of the problems.

It was also because I thought and felt as if everything was real behind my imaginations and it had got to be just as perfect as histories.

Every next story of Asterix would’ve been different if Rene Goscinny carried on living up to his old age.

So his friend, Albert Uderzo was the one to write as well as carrying on illustrating.

It’s all about what would’ve happened and what would not have happened in the histories.

All I started to do was to think which one is important or more important and which one is less or not important.

But first, I was imaging the new characters in people’s stories, in my mind to which I started to realise that I would not create them in my future.

There is another type of OCD, Howard Hugh had, and there is Schizophrenia, John Nash had.

The OCD especially with the pure “O” is mental health and schizophrenia is mental illness.

How much we suffered from our mental healths and mental illnesses.

So what if it happened or nothing happened and what if this or what if that?