Please click on the submenus to see each section/book. ONE collection of poems so far, in various formats. Thought I would have published another before now, but life…. I am now more aware of how important and fruitful the “white spaces” in the days, weeks, months, can be, when the surrounds, the emotions, the senses, and the inner world, can grow stories, ideas and reflections at their own pace, naturally, and will find their way to paper or screen, eventually.

After I had resolved to stick to one writing project at a time, and not even jot down ideas for another until the first one was completed, in a life-long quest for uncomplicated days, I now have several projects on the go, some serious drafting going on for at least two of them….I concluded there was no point in resisting the natural randomness. The good thing is they all might get completed all at once! Well……… one can hope…

You will find A LOT of writing around each book/project’s themes and subjects. The floodgates opened wide when I started to introduce the first book (poems). I decided that maybe it’s not such a bad thing to use the book pages in that way. It seems a good place to share extra information. 🙂


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