This is Matthew. His natural talent and eye for detail make for some awesome pictures. He is the cover illustrator for “Odyssey, One Day in His Courts, Poetry”.

Born in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, in 1994. Made the move to Cornwall with us in 2011, after his GCSE’s that included art and food tech. Oathall Secondary School is an art specialist centre too, and his teachers and learning assistants were second to none on so many levels. Continued with an art foundation diploma at Penwith College, Penzance. Untimely OCD escalations made it quite a battle to complete the course, but he did, with the help and dedication of teachers and able assistants. He did let his pencils and brushes down for a while, but he has picked them up again 🙂

He also has a talent for finding places to visit in Cornwall and Devon, often with a view to check out a nearby steam train or river to kayak on, but not always. He, like his Dad and brother, sometimes “misses the trees”, so he goes looking for some and in so doing, finds the most amazing places for us to explore. A few of our adventures are not unlike those from the pages of “Three Men in a Boat”, they certainly would make good stories…

Matthew has a blog on the main menu, he is quite prolific with his posts, more than me overall. He writes on varied subjects, it helps him leave things on the page and not going round in circles in his mind. I am quite sure it is very therapeutic for him. None of it is edited, being written in Matthew’s personal style.. 🙂 Logic and common sense meets innocence. Although it is not about writing nor publishing, not even about illustrating, it is about Matthew. I know how important that blog space is to him, as I watch him type away at the dinner table, occasionally asking about certain sentence structures or spellings.