Pet gerbils

My brother bought himself his gerbils, Jake and Solomon.

Then he bought me my gerbils, Pepper and Cinnamon.

Jake and Cinnamon were put in a box and she was scared of him because he was older then her.

When Pepper and Cinnamon were older, they were no longer scared of them.

They were aggressive with them but they weren’t aggressive back.

Because the gerbils wanted a mate with the other gerbils.

If both of the pairs were males or females, they would have been aggressive with each other.

I held one of the female gerbils on top of the male gerbils and one of them at different times.

But what if any gerbil attacked him.

Or what if I held him on top of them or one of them, and he got attacked because of my mistake.

I gave the toilet rolls to our gerbils but Solomon wasn’t nibbling it.

His teeth were overgrowing and he got worse by the more his teeth grew even longer.

A lump on his belly shrunk as he was losing his weight.

Because his overgrown teeth didn’t allow him to eat.

My parents and I went to France with my brother and his girlfriend.

Her family were looking after our gerbils.

When we came back from France, we waited for them to give our gerbils back.

Jake was put on a table in front of a cat, so that he would be safe from the cat.

But the cat climbed on the table and he got on top of it and caught Jake.

The cat got off the table and escaped through a cat door.

This time, they would have our gerbils back.

After we had them back, we took Solomon to a vet.

We had his teeth then his bottom tooth cut short and the other pulled out.

So that was why I crushed the foods, so that he could eat them.

So that was why beavers must gnaw trees, to keep their teeth short and to collect the trees.

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