photo credits

Header image: free from Canva, “Interior of a Monastery” by Sweetaholic from Pixabay.

Gwenfac’h post image: free from Canva, “Majestic Stag in the Forest” by Torsten Dorrian from Pixabay.

Stephanie’s “about” photo: By Thomas Dale photography, Idless Woods, Cornwall.

Matthew’s “About” photo: By Mr Paul Weatherill, Norfolk, friend. Matthew and unknown (cute) dog in Aylsham Parish Church (Aylsham market town, end of the Bure Steam Railway line.) Vibrant church, beautiful little town in North Norfolk. Matt had asked a couple if he could say hello to their pooch and Paul captured a reflective moment that has become one of my favourite photos. To me it’s transcendental, ageless.

Image on Contact page: free from Canva, “Old Way of writing a Letter” by Bru-nO from Pixabay.

Image for Green poem: free from Canva, ” Tree Moss Detail” by Seaq68 from Pixabay.

Image for Cyan poem: free from Canva, “Untitled” (but with cyan, lake and water tags) by Eelffica from Pixabay.

Image for Yellow poem: free from Canva, “Couple backlit by the sun flare through the window with curtain” by Yaroslav Shurayev from Pexels.

Image for Magenta poem: free from Canva, “Magenta abstract holographic background” by Corelens.