Magenta is my battle name
my colour song, my heartened cry
the flame I harken to, set high
above the common battle grounds

I did not ask to be at war
nor did I choose to live or die
Trouble came pounding at my door
A siege was laid, that sucked me dry
a while

Magenta is my battle cry
my all-out shout of chant and charge
all out
all out
its echo louder than the calls
of the army set before me
The voice that saves, the tree that falls
on the blood rivers of mercy

I'm  not  here  to fight  a losing battle

Nor will I let an empty roar
from the shadows of the night
to the shadows of my souls
win a fight

I'm here to lift a blushing banner
once a shield, now a dagger
a fleet of eagles on the wing
flying in upside down manner
spitting fire as they sink
to the heart of the matter

I'm not here to lose my peace
entertain struggles or defeat
I'm all out against gossip
tales of nonsense, narcissists
fabrications, empty bleats

For the record, I'm done with
wannabe dupers, thieves and cheats

and so

I raise the battle song, the flag
of many angel armies while
the winds gather under its sway
then dance upon the miseries
the lies and the adversities
I see there standing in the way

of peace
of truth
of grace

Until I dance on Zion Hill
Until I dance on Zion Hill

SC Dale

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