This is me, Stephanie. From La Baule originally, a “fashionable seaside town in South Brittany, with the longest and prettiest beach” (oooooo, dangerous claim to make in Cornouailles! It is very long, the longest in Europe still, the prettiness has been subdued by years of famous over development, but I still like it very much, and you cannot replace childhood memories in the end), 21 years in West Sussex (that’s where our family grew, ups and downs and all manners of life in a pretty little town between Brighton and London, and lots of good good friends), in South West Cornwall since 2011 (time now is in the business of just flying and if we’re not careful, we stay on the ground for another year!). Husband, 2 handsome (of course!) sons, 2 rescue dogs who think they are also our kids. Note the sudden telegraphic sentences….that’s because the alternative – a lot of unending sentences and points – would grow into a  rather painful read..:-) Haven’t managed  a happy medium yet. So…. golden sands and rugged cliffs… life at the tip of the land, and the winds as a near constant. I love it, I can write in the elements, they keep me alive and awake! I wish I remembered this more often!!!

Not a standard “about” paragraph really, but hopefully enough to get to know me a little… Just grateful for your visit to the page 🙂

PS Because things are often not straight forward… La Baule is in Pays de Loire, north of the river, since the 1940’s when it found itself cut off from Brittany administratively and politically. So it is now part of “historical Brittany”. We do get snobbed from time to time by the Breton regions of today that remained untouched…. but I was raised on pancakes and cider, Breton festivals, sea shanting and Breton bagpipe vinyls we used to sing along to, and dance to, side stepping all around the dining table on Sundays after lunch, and touring around the whole of Brittany every summer with my parents, in the search of celtic crosses, ‘calvaires’, Breton chapels and baked specialities. I had my Breton wooden clogs and my embroidered apron too (yep, that was before the flares and the daisies!)…then again, I am sure that Bretons wherever they are, do likewise…. even in Sussex… one day my eldest son asked me: “as we ALWAYS have pancakes, can we NOT have them on Shrove Tuesday?” Ouchy! But enough said, maybe it is useful to not delete this last and long side point, a reminder to self  to learn to put certain things… at rest…!

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