Welcome to this blog!  I self-published my first collection of poems just over a year ago, but only worked on multiple drafts these last few months. I have not kept myself updated with self-publishing platforms that much but  I am quite sure things have already moved on in a big way since. It was exciting for me a year ago to discover Draft2Digital, CreateSpace (now Kindle Direct Publishing) and Findaway Voices for the audio option. Novices like me could at last access these self-publishing platforms as they offered very clear ans easy steps throughout the process. This being said, I also found vital help on a few websites and blogs, from other self-publishers who generously posted articles detailing what to do, what to bear in mind, as well as crucial things to apply or avoid, from hours they themselves spent working things out, so people like me would the be able to fly through the process seamlessly. I shall try and paste some links very soon.

As for me, I can look back and share what my first experience in entering the fast expanding world of self-publishing was. It will probably be a good idea for me to reconnect with the various publishing platforms at the same time, and see what’s changed. It is likely new channels have also been created in the meantime.

Most likely there will be days when all I want to write about is time and space (to write and see processes of learning, editing, publishing, through) but also about local litfestivals, groups I may discover, other artists and  friends that inspire me, and their creative processes etc. Will see, it may be none of the above (hopefully it will be SOME of the above though!). I shall touch base with this page a couple of times at least this month (May 2019).

Have a great start to the spring.


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